What We Offer

We work in the now. We coach on simple, clear process. We work smart. We interject perspective into your company from our community of global retailers, vendor partners and consumers. This opens up the dialogue and allows for a collaborative approach towards developing knowledge and best practices around localization and innovation.

Getting Started Track

Successful cross border retailers have two elements in common; (1) they have a defined process around localization and (2) they have an open culture of collaboration. In the GRIN Getting Started Track we help put companies on the path of successful retailers by providing a simple system around these two elements while providing insight into best practices.

(currently limited to 3 companies per quarter – apply at info@thegrinlabs.com)

Who is it for?

Whether you are new to cross border retail or an established company looking to expand we help provide a path forward in this 3-month program.


Designed around your particular needs, workshops combine expert content and interactive break out sessions. Our goal? To turn ideas and insights into actionable plans. Workshops run from 4 hours to 2 days.

Common workshop titles:
  • Develop a plan around localization
  • Targeted country or region data (ie. Workshop on Latin America)
  • Analysis around specific area of the value chain (ie: payments or logistics)
  • Developing the global plan
Who is it for?

Workshops are best with cross-functional stakeholders who are working on a specific aspect of your global plan. We can work with all sized groups but find that it is best when the group size is anywhere from 5 to 15 people.

Executive Discovery Tours

In the world of global everything comes down to being local. We introduce executives who are on tours of key markets like Brazil, China and the United States to in-country contacts so that they can learn about the markets they are targeting. Learn what peers who are running business in-country say about their challenges, sit with key local vendors to better understand how they work and observe the consumer journey in person. This is an essential journey for any executive pursuing business in any of the massive e-commerce markets.

Who is it for?

Senior executives who want a close up view of how successful cross-border business is run in-country.

GRIN Global Track @ Conferences

Perk up your retail conference with the best retail and vendor partner experts from around the globe. Extend the conversation beyond your conference walls. The GRIN helps conferences develop global content, speakers and expertise. We come with a sense of fun and energy that won’t be forgotten.

Keynote players: The GRIN has a list of top-notch keynote experts ready to provide a thought provoking, humorous look at going global for your corporate event or show.

Who is it for?

Retailers, vendors and conferences that are looking for a fresh relevant look at going global. As a GRIN Global Track show we promote your show to our members who trust the GRIN brand.


The GRIN funds our own Global Voice projects and works with global think tanks and research firms to help provide perspective to the constant changes in global retail. Our emphasis is always on producing documents and data that have life beyond the page continuing the conversation so that the initial foundation of work remain relevant.

Who is it for?

Retailers and vendor partners looking to examine a certain aspect of global retail.

Community Platform (online)

The power of connecting with others around the world is brought to your fingertips with our online platform that helps retailers answer their everyday questions and share best practices in our country wiki. The only platform that provides instant access to the best minds in global commerce.

Who is it for?

Curious passionate souls eager to shape the next generation of global retail.